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    Posted on June 28th, 2011

    Written by Bryan


    Late last night, minutes before I left the office, I learned that I was responsible for arranging a conference call between my office, attorneys for two other parties, and a judge at 8:30 this morning. Given that our phone system only has 3 lines, that could have tied up our entire phone system for an extended period of time. So, I asked if we had another solution for conference calling and I was forwarded an e-mail with about two dozen digits of combined toll free number and authorization codes, plus a password. This AT&T conference call would have cost about $0.50 per minute, and I would have need to figure out how to train the judge and two “experienced” attorneys how to call into this system. NIGHTMARE!

    Instead, I logged into my OpenVBX server, and installed the Outbound Plugin by Chad Smith. In about 5 minutes I had created my own conference calling system at a cost of $0.05 per minute or less, and the other participants did not require any special knowledge. I could call them to directly add them to the conference call, or I could assign a telephone number (local or toll free) to directly connect callers to the conference call without any codes, pins, or waiting. The solution worked perfect, the call quality was excellent, and I am very pleased that it worked out so well. All of this is made possible by a wonderful company named Twilio.

    I am working on a fork of the Outbound Plugin that is more conference call focused, and I will release it when it is ready for public consumption.

    In the meantime, here are some details about how to do this with the Outbound Plugin:

    1. Signup for a free Twilio account (your first $30.00 is free)
    2. Install OpenVBX on your web server, I like to use a subdomain, but it can run in a folder. The install is as easy as WordPress.
    3. Download, unpack, and install the Outbound Plugin in the OpenVBX\plugins directory
    4. Create a new Flow in OpenVBX that dumps callers into a Conference Room.
    5. Initiate an Outbound Flow to your own telephone and connect it to the new flow.
    6. Initiate additional Outbound Flows for each participant.
    7. To assign an inbound calling number, simply assign the same Conference Room flow to a Twilio number.
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    1. Jake
      Jul 18th

      Hey, good article.. Using OpenVBX to launch an SMS based marketing service… this was helpful to learn about other applications and I totally understood your instructions… cheers,


    2. Jan 11th

      Give code for conference and show me step of that.

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