• Entrepeurship

    The AP last week published a story titled, “Small dairies create market for entrepreneurs.” In one short paragraph, they summarized the power of the free market: “With small dairies popping up nationwide to meet the growing demand for locally produced food, the market for equipment for five-cow, 10-sheep and 20-goat operations has grown, too. Major […]

  • Are your clients paying you for answers or questions?

    “Don’t give your clients answers, any lawyer fresh from law school can do that. Instead, help your clients to ask the right questions, this is the value a great attorney provides.” Mike Becker, Becker & Lilly, LLC. I was fortunate to work with Mike as my mentor in the Ohio Supreme Court new lawyer mentoring […]

  • Legal Practice Lab

    In 2012, as Chairman of the Columbus Bar Association Small Firm & Solo Practitioner Committee, I will be hosting the Legal Practice Lab. This ongoing series of hands-on workshops will help do-it-yourself law firm managers learn the skills needed to successfully lead your law firm into the 21st century. We will start with the basics […]

  • Practice Tip :: Custom search enginges

    In my practice, I find that I frequently search the local bar association directory to find the telephone number or e-mail address for another attorney. I do this so frequently, that I finally created a custom search engine for my web browser to save me about 3 clicks. Now, I have made it easy for […]

  • CLE: Going Solo Boot Camp (Part 2 of 3)

    Information from today’s CLE at the Columbus Bar Association: Going Solo Boot Camp (Part 2 of 3) Slides Links Ohio Supreme Court Advisory Opinions: Internet Issues, Advertising Online Ad Channels: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, CBA, AVVO.com, Lawyer.com Print Ad Channels: Dispatch, Business First, Columbus CEO E-mail Marketing Services: MailChimp, Constant Contact Analytics Services: Google, Woopra, GoodData, […]

  • Instant auto-attendant using Twimlets

    Twimlets are a great way to get started with Twilio and you don’t even need to have a web host to use them. You can try them today with a free Twilio account.

  • Envelopes

    Do you have pre-printed envelopes? When you ordered them did you stop to think about which envelopes to buy? Maybe not. There are lots of great envelope options. Some basic envelope features include: Size, Paper, Security, Seal, Windows. Here are my thoughts on each feature, and my preferred envelope choice. Size. The most common envelope […]

  • Google Voice

    If you use your cell phone as your primary business line, you really should know about Google Voice. You can use it as your primary phone service, as high-tech voicemail, as phone spam filter, and as advanced call routing, among other features. ZDNet has published a series of excellent articles breaking down the features of […]

  • Postage

    What is my preferred method of applying postage to letters? E-mail. But, when that is not an option and I am forced to send snail mail through the United States Postal Service, I settled on printing postage on a Dymo labelwriter through Endicia. This program subsidizes the monthly fee ($9.99 and up) if you purchase […]

  • Great conference calling with Twilio & OpenVBX

    Late last night, minutes before I left the office, I learned that I was responsible for arranging a conference call between my office, attorneys for two other parties, and a judge at 8:30 this morning. Given that our phone system only has 3 lines, that could have tied up our entire phone system for an […]

  • Business Law, Small Business Law

    Brunetto v. Curtis (10th District - Franklin County Court of ...

  • Business Law, Small Business Law

    Brunetto v. Curtis (10th District - Franklin County Court of ...

  • Bryan M. Griffith, J.D., Technology Law

    April 1, The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law ...

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